Air mattresses reviews

Mattresses have great role to play in our life as it is deciding factor for a relaxed, sound, and comfortable sleep at night or optimum relaxation while lying on the bed. Therefore, it is important to know different types of mats available in market to decide the best suitable items for your need. Although there are different types of mats available there are difference is sizes. The popular sizes are 2ft 6 inches , 3ft Singles, 4 ft, 4ft 6 inches, 5 ft, and 6ft Doubles.
While it is very normal for us to buy things without thinking much about it, it is necessary that we consider more of the pros and cons before we swipe that card to buy something. One of the most practical things to purchase is an air mattress. There are simply many reasons why having an air mattress as your main bed or alternative bed is very reasonable.

Here are some of the top reasons why people choose air mattresses over traditional beds:


Of course, people will want to use a bed to provide comfort for rest and sleep. It is essential that the bed we use give us maximum comfort and support during the hours that we sleep. Whether we sleep for a whole eight hours or as short as five hours, being comfortable is of utmost importance. Air beds provide much comfort because its softness or firmness can be adjusted based on owner preference.


Air mattresses are best for people who want to have a comfortable bed to sleep on even during travels. If you want to go out camping or have a sleep over somewhere, then bringing your air mattress along can be very easy. Air mattresses can be inflated for use and deflated for travel. Most air mattresses can be deflated, folded, and rolled into a bag. It can easily fit in the car trunk or can even be hand carried.


Compared to traditional beds, air mattresses are a lot cheaper. The low price does not mean that you sacrifice comfort and back support. In fact, with a very affordable air mattress, you can have the same comfort while getting a lot more! Air mattresses can be priced depending on its size and material. Some are priced from $100 to over $1000 but even those priced lower that $100 can last for years.


Air beds or air mattresses can be kept in storage easily without taking much closet space. If you have an air mattress and simply want to use it for guests sleeping over or for travels, then you can easily store it in a closet. A folded or rolled air mattress can easily fit into its own travel or storage bag and will definitely not take too much closet or car trunk space.

Available in both Online and Offline Stores

Air mattresses can easily be bought over the counter from a mall or can be directly shipped to you from an online store.


  • Tedious assembly: assembling an inflatable cushion takes a drawn out stretch of time to if you have some experience it might take around 30 minutes and for amateurs, it might require around an hour which is actually baffling.
  • Uncomfortable trench design: pneumatic beds with two chambers have a drop that partitions the chambers which make the bedding uncomfortable to be utilized by more than two individuals.
  • It is very delicate compared to other mattress types: you should be additional watchful with you pneumatic bed or any slight mischance with it will ruin it for good. Anything sharp that may get into contact with the sleeping pad will totally ruin it which is not the situation with different sorts that are to a high degree tough and not that delicate.
  • It can get costly in the long run: this is fundamentally in light of the fact that you should purchase pumps from time to time. If not you should spend more cash on a costly pump.